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Configure Okta SSO Analysis in Nudge Security
Configure Okta SSO Analysis in Nudge Security

Step-by-step instructions on how to connect your Okta account to Nudge Security

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By connecting your organization’s Okta account to Nudge Security with a read-only API token, you can monitor the SSO enrollment status of your SaaS estate, easily track progress against your organization’s SSO goals, and automatically initiate SSO enrollment workflows directly in Nudge Security.

What you’ll need

You’ll need to create a read-only token in your Okta tenant using an Okta read-only administrator account or a custom administrator account.

If you are using a custom administrator account, make sure that the permissions granted allow access to the following endpoints used by Nudge Security:








Configuration steps

  1. First, create a read-only token in your organization’s Okta tenant. Log into your Okta admin console with either a read-only admin or custom admin account. Navigate to Security > API.

2. Navigate to Tokens. Click Create token.

3. Copy the token you just created.

4. In Nudge Security, navigate to Things to do > Onboard apps to Okta. Click start or continue on the playbook.

5. Enter the Okta API and subdomain and click Test connection.

6. Verify the connection status. If Verified, you have successfully connected Okta to Nudge Security. You can continue to the next step in the playbook or exit the playbook.


If you run into any issues, please reach out to Nudge Security for assistance. You can use the chat icon directly in the product to chat with us or email

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