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Configure access to Google Workspace
Configure access to Google Workspace

Here's how to connect Nudge Security to your Google Workspace account

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Nudge Security analyzes data from your Google Workspace domain to discover and inventory your entire SaaS footprint, including users and OAuth grants. All it takes is a quick setup that gives Nudge Security read-only access to your organization's users, groups, and email.

Take the following steps to configure Nudge Security for your organization.

What you'll need:

  • Super admin access to your organization's Google Workspace account

  • Or, delegated admin access with the following Admin API privileges: read privilege for Organizational units, Users, Groups, and Billing; User security management, and Domain management.

  • About 5 minutes to complete the setup


You need to perform these steps once during your initial account setup.

Step 1: Sign up for Nudge Security.

Navigate to to sign up with your Google Workspace account. Follow the onboarding workflow. Even if you are not a Google Workspaces super admin, you can still begin the onboarding process by signing up with your corporate Google email address.

Step 2: Install Nudge Security as a Google Workspace app

As instructed in the onboarding process, your Google Workspace super admin will need to install Nudge Security as a Google Workspace app. Find Nudge Security in the Google Workspace Marketplace. Click "Install." Follow the steps to allow Nudge Security access to Google Workspace.

Step 2: Verify installation.

After your Google Workspace super admin has installed Nudge Security as a Google Workspace app, return to the Nudge Security onboarding workflow. When prompted, click "Verify installation." Once verified, your initial analysis will begin.

Step 3: Wait for your initial analysis to finish.

During your initial analysis, Nudge Security will work to populate your entire historical and current SaaS footprint, including identities, OAuth connections, and risk insights. On average, this initial analysis takes 75 minutes to complete, depending on the size of your organization's email environment. Small organizations with only a few years of email records will likely complete within minutes, while larger organizations with many years of email records may take longer.

During the initial analysis, you can exit the onboarding workflow. Nudge Security will send you an email notification when the process is complete. If you think your analysis is taking an unusually long time to complete, please reach to us directly.

Run into issues?

If you run into any issues in this process, please reach out. You can chat with us in the product or on our website. Or, book an onboarding call with us to troubleshoot.

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