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Configuring Nudge Slack integration
Configuring Nudge Slack integration

Learn about Nudge's integration with Slack: How to configure and use.

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Nudge integrates with Slack in an effort to help you reach employees right where they’re working.

With this functionality, you can:

  • Send nudges to users in Slack, so users can respond directly from the Slack app

  • Track users’ responses within your Nudge Security dashboard

  • Receive Slack messages based on your custom notifications, such as when a new breach affects your organization’s supply chain or a user signs up for a new application


  • In Nudge (Requires "Admin" user privileges)

    • Navigate to Settings and select the "Slack" tab or Click Here

    • A window will pop up asking you to connect to your Slack workspace

    Required OAuth Scopes for the Slack App


How to send a Nudge

There are many ways to send a Nudge but the first spot to try it out might be from one of our application summary pages. In the screenshot below, I am looking at the Slack account for the user "Gerald Ford".

By clicking "Send a Nudge", a menu opens, displaying the available Nudges. If you want to learn more about why Gerald has chosen to create an account in this application, you can Nudge them, asking for clarification of use.

Selecting the "Ask for clarification of use" button opens a preview of the Nudge that you can send by clicking "Send".

Responses to these Nudges (and all others) can be found in the Nudge History under "Notifications > Nudge History" from the left hand navigation.

Interacting with Nudges

As a recipient of Nudges, you have many ways to respond and interact with these messages.

Via email

Nudges, by default, are delivered via email. You will receive a message from "" with a subject line describing what it is about (e.g. "Would you consider using Bitbucket instead of GitHub?").

From here, just choose an option and the recipient will receive your response.

Via Slack

You also have the ability to send/receive Nudges via Slack and they work very similar to a Nudge via email. You will receive Nudges from the "Nudge Security" Slack bot and the messages will be displayed like so:

As with the previous example, choose the option you like and the sender will be able to view your response. In addition to being able to reply to Nudges without leaving Slack, you also have the added functionality of being able to Slack the user that sent the Nudge directly from the message itself!


For any concerns on how Nudge Security collects, manages, and stores any third-party data, please reference our privacy and security page.

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